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01 Jul 2019




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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 01 Jul 2019

No matter what we do on the Internet, it seems that we always have to pay for it with our personal information. From small websites to giants like Google, they all want to know about your browsing habits, your location and other privileged details. While there are various ways of preventing this from happening, some of them are better than others, and it's not always obvious which one is the superior product. AntiBrowserSpy is one that is worth trying due to its flexibility and ease of use. It addresses a wide range of vulnerabilities in your web browsers to prevent any web services from collecting your data. You can plug numerous holes in your security, and it only takes a few clicks to do so.

AntiBrowserSpy is free to try for thirty days, without any functionality restrictions. It works on Windows 7 and all later editions, up to Windows 10, and you can install it in just a few seconds. The application doesn't have any special requirements, and you don't have to sacrifice too many resources to run it.

The software comes with a wide range of useful options, all neatly organized on a tabbed user interface. Just like in a traditional cleanup utility, you can start several optimization jobs from the Start page, but you can also delve deeper into more options if you explore the other tabs on the interface. Furthermore, AntiBrowserSpy can prevent Facebook from tracking your activity in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and it also offers browser plug-ins to prevent other web services from tracking you.

The software lets you enable anti-phishing protection, disable form auto-completion and tweak other settings that would place your personal information at risk. You can enable or disable individual features for each browser separately, by clicking simple on/off switches, so you won't get your ears caught in complicated controls. Alternatively, you can just click an "Optimize now" button to make all the recommended settings automatically.

Besides its browser privacy optimization capabilities, the software also comes with a stealth tool for your browsers, which changes their fingerprints from time to time, to prevent them from sending your real information when it's requested by an online service. Furthermore, the software's built-in browser cleanup tool will help you remove any existing information from your browsers, saved as cookies, history entries or in other forms.

The Internet can be a much safer place to explore while AntiBrowserSpy is running on your computer.


The software can disable numerous tracking features in your browsers. It can also keep your information safe from online services that try to collect it. Everything can be done on the fly, by clicking a series of on/off switches.


There are no serious issues to address.



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